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"There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in."

Chloe Afte

Keep going. It’s working. #yoga #loveyourbody

Happy Bench Monday by STE on Flickr.

Self-titled math-musician Vi Hart helps to make music theory more accessible to your average uninspired you-tube viewer, such as myself ;)

Postmodern Dining

This awesome restaurant utilizes cutting edge food science to satisfy hungry and adventurous diners.  Such menu items as printed food, laser infused wine pairings and berries that block sour taste receptors are just some of many inventions one can sample.  Owner Homaro Cantu also hopes to open a brewery which serves fast-acting beer which lasts for a duration of only twenty minutes. Whats most exciting about this restaurant, however, is its potential to develop disruptive ideas such as  creating cost-effective and environmentally friendly means to produce and distribute food.  http://motorestaurant.com/

moto chicago restaurant edible menu, molecular gastronomy


Why are Martian sunsets blue?
The sunset pictured here may look strange to you and me, but on Mars it’s a rather common sight. A bluish hue radiates outward from the setting Sun, fading gradually before taking on a pinkish tinge.
Strangely enough, that’s more or less the exact opposite of what you’d expect to see during sunsets here on Earth, which tend to fade from warm, ruddy colors into the bluish purples typical of a late afternoon sky. So why, exactly, are Martian sunsets blue? For that matter, why are they basically inverted versions of what we find here on Earth?
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Own the Weekend
"There are many beautiful things in this world, and it will bring sorrow to see them go, but they are imperfect reflections of a divinity that will endure forever. We are strangers, here in this world."